Lining And Coating

Lining And Coating Air, water, soil and chemical subtances and corrosive mediums effect the steel pipe as they effect everyting. This effects can be eliminated by coating and lining of the pipe with suitable materials.

Noksel, believing the importance of the continuous high quality and good workmanship, offers 3 layer extruded Polyethylene, Epoxy, Bitumen, Coal-Tar Enamel and Cement Mortar coating and liing facilities to its customers.

Surface Preparation
Prior to the application of the coating, the surface of the steel pipes must be cleaned to make them free of impurities. For this purpose, internal and external surface of the pipes are shot-blasted to a standard degree of clean Sa 21/2 with a special care.

Epoxy Coating: AWWA C-210, NFA 49709, TS EN 10289, AWWA C-213, API 5L7, NACE RP 0394
Polyurethane Coating: BS 5493
Polyethylene Coating: DIN 30670, NFA 49710, TS 5139, UNI 9099
Polypropylene Coating: DIN 30678, NFA 49711
Bitumen Coating: TS 4356, DIN 30673, BS 534
Coal-tar Enamel Coating: AWWA C-203
Concrete Coating: DVGW GW 340

Epoxy Lining: AWWA C-210, NFA 49709, API RP 5L2, TS EN 10289
Bitumen Lining: DIN 30673, BS 534
Cement Mortar Lining: AWWA C-205, BS 534, EN 10298


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