PE Coating

PE coating is generally used at the petrolium and gas pipelines and being increasingly used for water projects as well. PE coating provides an excellent protection due to its properties such as resistance to aging and impact.

1. Layer
Initially shot blasting is performed on the pipe surface to get o proper cleanliness and roughness and then heated about to 200°C with induction coil. Following, Fusion Bondedd Epoxy (FBE) is applied on the pipe electrostatically with special spray guns. Fusion Bonded Epoxy layer is the main layer providing the corrosion resistance.

2. Layer
Extruded Adhesive film layer is applied by wrapping on the rotating pipe surface and pressed by a silicon roller roller to make a good adhesion. The Adhesive layer is providing the adhesion between the fusion bonded epoxy layer and the polyethylene layer.

3. Layer
Polyethylene layer is the top coat and is applied like the adhesive layer. Extruded polyethylene is wrapped on the rotating pipe surface and pressed by a silicon roller. After the completion of the coating process the pipe is cooled down about to 60°C by water shower. Polyethylene layer is providing not only the mechanical protection but also good resistance to enviromental factors like heat and UV rays.


Used standards: DIN 30670, NFA 49710, TS 5139, UNI 9099



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